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Poem, Mapping by John Grey

January 3, 2012

Ursa Minor, Draco,
the little bear, the dragon,
Camelopardalis, Auriga,
the giraffe, the charioteer.
Pointed ears, bright tail,
the lynx prowls the night
in company of Canes Venatici,
the rampant hunting dogs.
Hercules strums Lyra,
Cygnus floats, Lacerta creeps,
Perseus oscillates his victory,
holds aloft the sparkling gorgon’s head.
The sky’s no atlas.
It’s a story book.
Travel the heavens’ map.
Your heart will thank you.


Interview, EE Knight

January 3, 2012

A little background: Several years ago i was sitting at a (now defunct) Borders waiting for a friend to get out of work. With a six hour wait, i needed books. What i found were Dragons! I cannot speak highly enough for this series of books and am thrilled to welcome EE Knight to Oberon’s Law!

1. You have two fantastic series with a new novel, Dragons Fate, out in December. How did you get to be where you are now?

The first publication credit was the tough one. Way of the Wolf, the first in the Vampire Earth series, made the rounds and was rejected by everyone. Finally I posted some excerpts on an experimental publishing site called iPublish, a dot-com boom creation of the AOL/Time Warner book Group (now defunct). The idea was that people could read your posted excerpts and comment, and editors looked at the ones that seemed to be getting a positive reaction. The editor liked it, asked to read the whole thing, and I ended up with a deal for them to do two books in ebook/POD (print-on-demand) format in 2001. iPublish disappeared when the bubble burst, but it had sold enough copies to attract the attention of an agent and a traditional scifi imprint, Roc. My agent, John Silbersack, extracted the rights from the iPublish ruins and got me my first three-book deal.

2. What other projects are you working on right now? Could you give us a snippet or a favorite line?

Right now I’m finishing up the tenth Vampire Earth book. I’m also working on a big sword-and-planet novel, sort of a Flash Gordon-meets-Cecil B. DeMille. I’m not able to give you a line or snippet, because without context it seems an empty exercise.

3. Why do you think both vampires and dragons are so popular?

Both are drawn from deep-dug wells in the collective unconscious. A dragon is the beast on the plain that hunted us when we first descended from the trees, an object of fear and possibly worship for its strength. Vampires are the demons who look like us, the Other in disguise, waiting for the moment when they will suddenly turn and kill. They’re both naturally interesting because of the power, danger, and ferocity they possess.

4. If you were to go back in time to give your teenage self advice–of any sort–what would it be?

I’d probably tell me that the reason the teenage years are so exhilarating and so tough is that everything is happening for the first time. Because this is your first real ride through adult emotions, the heights and valleys both seem insurmountable or unsurvivable. I’d tell me that once you’ve been over the tops and falls a couple times, you’d develop coping mechanisms that eventually turn into wisdom. I’d also probably tell myself to take a useful minor (at the very least) in college.

5. If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

That’s a bit Barbara Walters for me, but I suppose I’d go with fig. In the Bible, they’re synonymous with richness, delights and pleasures. Fig orchards were one of the earliest forms of agriculture. They’re also a pretty tough tree that can make it in a variety of conditions.

Three (3) Poems by John Stocks

December 25, 2011

Dancing Stardust

It was then that the star dimmed,
A light, swallowed by eternity,
Smothered into terrifying silence
Somewhere on the dark side of tomorrow.
And the light, the light is everything,
We who know nothing will light our candles
Build our thought traps to try and re-capture,
The rapture; the mortal essence of you
Before the last closing of the circle.
Sometimes grieving can be beautiful
That day on the beach when the clouds parted,
The night when Orion winked at you.
Beginnings and endings may mean something,
And our thoughts and words, the love we shared
Endless, eternal, precious, who knows?
We are ocean, we are dancing stardust;
We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders,
That is all.

Alicia’s Diary

Meet me and I shall know you, light and shadow
A formless, fantastic distillation,
Confection of smoke and fogs and gaslight.
Meet me and I’ll watch you as you wander
Dreamily up pea-souped side streets,
Long neck hidden by black buttoned collar,
Your exhaled breath a ghostly miasma,
Drifting past the clanking city tram-cars,
The news boy who teases you, calling out your name.
Meet me on Fargate, waiting at Cole’s corner,
Top hat and tailed, tapping with my cane,
Yours for all eternity my darling,
Yours beyond the final cutting edge of time.
Late for your theatre tea, warm hands wrapped in velvet,
Hat pulled down over your pert, pink ears,
Your diary shows me all your sweet conceits,
And makes me long to hold you- snug as the grave.


In the Hermitage a girl lights candles,
Twilight softens to a burnished light
As a scoop of moon above the courtyard,
Settles this moment, in space and in time.
This is her life, all sublime certainties,
A pure, unblemished, transcendent faith
Embedded; as real as if it were real
When she sleeps, she sleeps with her eyes wide open.
How to imagine the peace of it all,
In her private garden of miracles,
Pay homage to her distinct unreason,
Once imbued in my consciousness.
No wilderness, no dark sea of troubles,
No torments or sensual desires,
Tonight I wish to dream, to cloak myself
In her beauty; for truth is not enough.

Interview, Thomas Sniegoski

December 25, 2011

A little background: I ran into the Fallen quite some time ago, and was taken by the play of angels. His series continues to be enthralling. His adult series (Remy Chandler) is a slice of heaven, taking on the mythology of christianity and making it work for the sf/f universe.

So without further ado, welcome Thomas Sniegoski, to Oberon’s Law!

1. You have a veritable publishing empire from comics to young adult fiction , adult and children’s books. How did you get to where you are?

TOM – A veritable publishing empire . . . HA! I love it. How did I get where I am? Lots and lots of work. Seriously, I just kept on writing and tossing it out there and hoping that something just might stick . . . which it did. Perseverance is the key! Being too darn stubborn to quit.

2. What’s been the coolest part of your profession thus far?

TOM – Probably just being able to do what you love (and something that you’d probably be doing anyway) for a living. There’s nothing more satisfying than loving what you do, and getting to do it every day and actually being paid for it is just the icing on the cake.

3. What projects are you working on right now? Could you give us a snippet or a favorite line?

TOM – Right now I’m plotting out Vol 4 of the new Fallen series, finishing up the writing of the newest original Bone novel (Quest for the Spark 3) and starting to think about the newest Remy Chandler book that I’ll be writing in the Spring. Phew . . . that’s alot, and there will also be some new comic book projects that I’ll be working on that I really can’t talk about yet. As far as a snippet or favorite line, most of the stuff is in the planning stages so I really don’t have anything concrete yet. Catch me in a month or so.

4. If you found yourself trapped on a desert island could have only one book with you, what would it be?

TOM – Jeez, that’s a hard one. I have no idea . . . maybe Where The Wild Things Are . . . I LOVE that book.

5. If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

TOM – Maybe an orange? Because I have layers, and sometimes I can be sour, and other times sweet? Man, that’s just freakin awful. HA!

Where’d ‘Law Go?

December 25, 2011

I started Oberon’s Law over the summer in an effort to channel some creativity. That and because i was applying to graduate school and wanted another little feather in my application cap. I did not expect this level of success.

In the last month or so i’ve been promoted at work, in the process of moving, and am starting grad school in two weeks. Thus, ‘Law has fallen to the wayside a little. I deeply apologize for this. So, please as a holiday gift, have an update. Updates will continue as regularly scheduled.




PushCart Nominations

November 22, 2011

Without further ado, i wanted to announce the six pieces Oberon’s Law will be nominating for the PushCart Prize (


G.A. Saidon for the poem “On Winter”

Ronald C. Paxton for the short story “Hero”

Virginie Colline for her poem “Lune Morte”

Sue Ann Connaughton for her short story “Stacking the Odds”

Devon Miller-Duggan for her poem “Lilith”

Clinton van Innan for his poem “I have Heard Mermaids”


Congratulations to the nominees and to everyone who continues to submit their fantastic work to Oberon’s Law. We appreciate all your hard work and creativity.

Pushcart Prize Nominees

November 17, 2011

We’ve got our nominees.
But you dont get to find out yet.
Because the pushcart website is down
And we’d like to make sure that we can make this happen
before getting people’s hopes up.