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Kester (Editor) – Kester holds a Bachelor’s degree in Writing from Plymouth State University. During the day he works with at-risk youth in the White Mountains. At night, he tries to write the next great American novel. His work has appeared in Centripetal, Canolli Pie, and Yesteryear.  He is presently working on the Cooper Chant Project.  Kester has a predilection for classic heroes, retold fairy tales, and stories that can make fun of themselves. He can be reached at Kester

Cupcakes (Chief Slush Reader) – Cupcakes holds multiple degrees in fields not related to writing.  Prior to her current commitment, she worked as the publicity manager for an up and coming music label. Cupcakes enjoys long walks in the forest, book-to-movie adaptations (dont judge). Her favorite works are Invisible Monsters and The Clockwork Orange.

K-dubs (Web Guru) – K-dubs holds a degree in Wildlife Management. After recently re-locating from a job where she got to count birds and work on websites, she has emigrated to the big city. In her free time she enjoys all activities involving sheep and exploring the city with her trusty GPS.  Most importantly, K-dubs has a deep-seated appreciation for men in kilts.

Additionally, we have a number of fantastic (and publicity-shy) slush readers! They make the world go round. If you’ve an interest in helping with the management of Oberon’s Law (as an editor, website guru, slush reader, etc) please send Kester an e-mail. We’ll even put your bio up right here!

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